About Coaching

­Embrac­ing Big Change

Ever find yourself with the sinking realisation that despite having everything you thought you wanted, there’s still a void?

Maybe you are looking for a big change?

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Are you over 40?

Life is a journey of different roles and chapters. As we navigate through the decades of our lives, each presents unique challenges and opportunities.

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Unlocking Happi­ness

Finding true happiness can often feel like an elusive goal. We juggle roles and responsibilities, striving for success in our careers while trying to keep our personal life together.

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Coaching or Therapy?

If I had to characterise the difference between coaching and therapy. I would say that in coaching you plan your future, in therapy, you come to terms with your past.

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Breaking Free

Do you ever feel that there’s an invisible force holding you back from reaching your true potential? Something that makes you doubt your abilities, question your worth, or prevent you from embracing new opportunities?

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