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Use the button below to download the Terms and Conditions of my Agreement for Coaching.  These describe all the detail governing my services to my coaching clients, and are designed to protect us both from misunderstandings.  There are two versions of this.

Here’s the short version:

I provide coaching, and you pay me for my services. I voluntarily submit my practice to the ethical standards of self regulatory organisations including Coaching Minds and the EMCC.

The long version says pretty much the same and you can download it here  . . .


I believe that diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to age, caste and class, (dis)ability, ethnicity, gender, mental health, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation enriches our culture. I encourage an environment where our similarities and our differences are as visible or as invisible as the individual wishes them to be.

I do not condone or tolerate harassment of any kind and this may impact on our coaching discussions which otherwise are strictly non judgemental.


The Terms and Conditions available on this website are designed for a simple two-party agreement. 

I believe that coaching can only work if the client buys into the whole process in a simple direct professional relationship with me. To do otherwise would raise difficult situations of both confidentiality and purpose.

I do not accept payments from anyone other than the client with whom I have confidential conversations. If you want your employees to be coached by me; tell them that and give them the money. If you don’t trust them, then you don’t want me to coach them.


By using the Website, you accept this Policy.
If you do not want to agree to it you must not use the site.

This Policy and Statement may change from time to time. I do not undertake to notify site users of changes. If that matters to you then you can check back here from time to time and print copies of this page.

Mail Handling and Information Received in Correspondence

I use MailerLite for my Newsletter and possibly occasional automated mailshots.

If you fill in the Newsletter form, on this site then your email address is automatically added to my MailerLite account.

If you fill in the contact/message form, it comes to me personally (It doesn’t automaticcally go on my Newsletter list) If I reply to you personally, then the subsequent correspondence outside of this website is covered by the Terms and Conditions that you can download using the button above.

The balance of this statement refers only to the internal environment of this site.

Legal Compliance

This site may use cookies and similar electronic technology. These are described on links from the popup you saw the first time you accessed the website and, you can review and revisit your preferences at any time from the little cookie icon in the corner of the screen.

If you are within the European Union, you are entitled to rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. I believe that both my and MailerLite’s operations are transparent and GDPR-compliant, however if you have any queries, please write to me. In case you do not receive satisfaction from that exchange you may complain to the General Data Protection Regulation.

On the specific subject of Google Fonts and GDPR compliance, I use a plugin so any Google Fonts I use are pre-loaded within the website.  The website does not send your IP address to Google Fonts when you load the page.

This website does not carry advertising, nor does it accept subscribers or correspond with advertisers. I do not keep a database of website visitor information other than as decribed below, and I never share or sell contact information to third parties.

Data Collection and Use of Information

If you contact me through a form on this website, then the information you enter on the form is retained on the site and in my MailerLite account, together with your IP address and information about your browser. Other than that I do not store personal information here.

The website may use other automatic data collection technologies including Google Analytics to collect information about your type of equipment, location and browsing patterns. I may use this information to improve the website itself and my service to you. I do not use it for advertising or in any other automated algorithmic actions.

General Revision February 2024

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